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ShootSoCal Prices

2 Hour Basic Class

$149 (1 to 2 shooters)

This option is great if you have your own gear.  You will learn safety, manipulation and marksmanship.  This option is great for shooters who have already jumped into the shooting world, but need a little help along the way.  We understand that not everybody shoots the same way, so out practical shooting approach is a great way to learn the fundamentals and advance as a shooter.  All of our classes are custom tailored to each student. 

*Guns, ammo and range fees are not included.*

                                                Bring your firearm and 100 rounds of ammo per shooter

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2 Hour All Inclusive Shooter Package

$214(1 Shooter)

$279 (2 shooters)

$344 (3 Shooters)

This is our most popular option. This 2 Hour class includes Gun Rental, 100 rounds of ammunitione each and range fees. This is great for beginners who don’t own their own firearms, or those who don’t want to deal with bringing and using their own equipment and ammo.  Just show up to the range with the correct attire and we will take care of the rest.  You will learn safety, manipulation and marksmanship, custom tailored to each student.  The goal of this class is to prepare the student so they can purchase their own firearms and grow in the shooting sport, as well as have basic self-defense abilities.  We can also add extra shooters for $65 each.

1 Hour Basic 

$85 (1 to 2 Shooters)

If you just need a refresher, or just don’t feel like you need that much range time in one day, the one hour class may be for you.  This class will cover many of the same things as the 2 hour class.  Guns, Ammo and Range fees are note included*

Private Ranges - (Contact us for pricing and availability)

At a fraction the average cost per shooter, group classes/sessions are a great way to have fun with your friends/family/co-workers while still learning and improving your skills and knowledge.  With at least one instructor per 3-4 shooters you'll still get a lot of hands on time and get the personal feel you need. 

Contact us to Book a Date (Any date can be requested, no guarantee, limited availability)

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  NRA Basic Pistol Courses - Call for Pricing/Availability

These group courses led by Dave Anderson and Stephanie Mora can be scheduled depending on need and request.  Contact us if this is something you are interested in. This is the only class that is awarded a Certification by the NRA

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1-2 Hour Basic includes;

-Certified Firearms Instructor(s)

-Ear Protection (plugs or muffs)

-Eye Protection

-Targets (High Visibility)

2 hour All Inclusive includes;

-Certified Firearms Instructor(s)

-Eye Protection

-Targets (High Visibility)

-Range Fees X2

-Gun Rental X2

-Ammunition X200 (9mm)

-Ear Protection (plugs or muffs) 

Gun Rental $15

9mm Ammunition $17.00 per 50


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