From the first shot, to the steady shot.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Here are some of the questions we here the most.

Whats included in your fees?

Our fees include range time with our instructors, targets,  ear and eye protection, as well as bench time to talk about the firearms and how to use/clean/handle them.  The All inclusive class inclues range fees, gun rental and 200 rounds of ammunition. Basic classes do not include guns, ammo or range fees.

Whats the difference between the basic and all inclusive classes?

The basic classes only includes targets, ear and eye protection and the time with an instructor.  They dont inlude range fees, guns or ammo (see for pricing).

What range do teach at?

You can find us at Angeles Shooting Ranges 12651 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

. (see Where We Shoot)

Where are you located?

We travel the range.  Without having a "brick and mortar" business, we can keep the cost down for the shooter.  We do plan on opening a store in the future.

Are you certified as a firearms instructor?

Our main instructors, Dave Anderson and Stephanie Mora, are NRA certified instructors with Pistol disciplines. (see certifications here)

Can you sell me a gun?

ShootSoCal Firearms Training is not a FFL, so we do not sell guns.  We can however, help you decide what kind of gun and what caliber you like, and help you decide on what the perfect gun for you is.

I don't have a gun, is that OK?

Yes, that's OK.  Our instructors will have firearms with them at the range available to rent.

Do you teach kids?

Absolutely, we can teach children to shoot as long as their parent or legal guardian is present

Do I get certified?

Usually no.  With NRA courses you receive a certificate at the completion of the basic course.  The Non-NRA courses are for advancement in the sport, you do not receive a certificate for taking a Non-NRA course.

What Caliber do you recommend?

We recoment 9mm for most of our students.  .22LR is one of the best rounds to learn with, but due to shortagges, the 9mm is preffered.  Most students have no problem with 9mm, though the instructors may have .22lr ammo/guns available at a small fee.