From the first shot, to the steady shot.

What We Do

We offer One-on-One classes to shooters of all experience levels.  We get you on the range, and get you shooting. We cover safety, range ettiqute, weapon handling, and marksmanship. We'll work on your stance, sight, grip and breathing.  You will learn the fundamentals you need to hit your target quickly and accurately. You'll learn to load, unload and fire the firearm without compromising safety. 

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Why Chose Us?

Many of our students get online and boast about our amazing service and passion for teaching.  We care about each student and want to see everyone walk away having had a great time, learned a lot and achieved what their goals.  The warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you know what your doing is something we at ShootSoCal Love to see.   We will make sure your happy when your with us.  Look at our YELP page and you'll see how much our students love us, and we are sure you will too.

                        The Personal Touch

At ShootSoCal Firearms Training we try to find a offering for every shooter.  We aren't like other Training facilities that are stuck to one curriculum with large group classes. We also don't believe in a single type of training for every shooter.  Each student will be at a different point in their shooting career, if you visit out services we talk about what we offer and how each session works.  From veterans to beginners out instructors will find some way to teach you everything you need to know about firearms and shooting.  Each class will be custom to each student,


The Professionals

Work at a gun shop? Need to be a DOJ Certified Instructor?  When delivering firearms you must preform a Safe Handling demonstration and sign a affidavit required by the DOJ.  Be able to proctor the Firearm Safety Certificate test and issue FSC's to your customer.

The Department of Justice Certified Instructor training is a simple custom course that can be set up anywhere. We can come to your store and do the training on your time.  

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