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Firearms, knives, eye wear, consumer electronics, salt water applications and more.

The unrivaled leader in thin film protective coatings Unmatched corrosion, chemical and durability performance Unique ceramic-polymer technology that imparts both flexibility and excellent physical performance

Pricing is estimated on a item-by-item basis, and will be determined when we have the item in hand.  Below are some general pricing guidelines that help us with your estimate.  Additional colors, coats, designs or other requests may effect the price.  All items must be completely clean of of carbon, oils or any other contaminants and be stripped down before coating.  You can save on your final price by completing these steps prior to having us work on your firearm.

 Shop time/labor starts at $75/hr and can apply to any additional cleaning necessary to complete the job, rusted or broken parts/bolts/screws, repair to rust, pitting or scratches, disassembly and assembly, or other unforeseen work that would be necessary to complete your item.

General Pricing

Written estimate given in person

Semi-Auto Pistols


Single Color - Includes assembly/disassembly



Single Color - Includes assembly/disassembly


Complete Firearm

Single Color - Includes assembly/disassembly



Complete Firearm

Single Color - Includes assembly/disassembly


Modern Sporting Rifles

(AR / AK) 


Stripped - Single Color



Stripped - Single Color


Lower, Upper & Handguard

Stripped - Single Color 


Complete Firearm

Single Color - Includes assembly/disassembly (Lower, Upper and Handguard only)

Other parts can be added to the project*




Stripped - Single Color



Stripped - Single Color


Stock and Forend

Stripped - Single Color


Complete Firearm

Single Color - Includes assembly/disassembly

(Frame, Barrel and Magazine tube)




Stripped - Single Color


Barreled Action

Single Color - Includes assembly/disassembly


Complete Firearm

Single Color - Includes assembly/disassembly


Other Fees & Prices

Shop Time (Labor)

General labor by the hour.


Shop Miminum

From a pocket knife blade to a full pistol, certain tasks have to be completed, no matter the size of the job, so we have a shop minim even on small items.  However, if you were adding something to your current job, we may be able to be flexible.



Firearms must be generally clean of oil, carbon and grease prior to coating.  Firearms that require additional cleaning will be assessed this fee.


Additional Color

Add a second color or two tone to your item (standard H series). Some colors/coatings may require s special order price.



Cammoflauge, logos, sayings, shapes or custom designs



Repairs, polishing, replacing parts, all priced specific to the job.


Dissasembly & Assembly

Depending on size and type of firearm or itrm and what needs to be removed and replaced, the price can vary.



Custom Stippling a polymer frame.  Undercut and finger groove reduction or removal optional.


All prices are guidelines for estimates,

 and are subject to change.  

Prices do not include shipping. Average lead times are 1-4 weeks. 

ShootSoCal LLC Cerakote finishes come with a lifetime warranty.  

Our warranty covers chipping, cracking, peeling, and flaking of the baked H Series or Elite Series coating.  

It does not cover normal wear, damage, alteration or abuse outside the normal designed use of the firearm. 

Our warranty only covers the H-Series or Elite Series Cerakote finish applied by ShootSoCal and does not cover the firearm or item it is applied to.

For warranty please email for return authorization prior to shipping us your gun..  

Cerakote may void your Original Equipment Manufactures warranty, please verity this prior to having any work done to your firearm.

Here's what we've been working on

Production & Manufacturing

Bulk orders can be quoted for production and manufacture runs.  We can handle batches of any size and would love to meet your needs.

Email for inquires 

Contact Us

Give us an idea of your request and we will send you a quote.

Please provide as much detail about your request as possible so we can give you an accurate price. 


Email Address*


What do you want done? (Please provide Make/Model and what you would like ie. color, design, slide only, entire gun, assembled or dissasembled, ect.).*

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